Uniglobe Axon Travel takes over from Uniglobe XXXX in Herentals

December 16, 2020

All business trips, holidays and group travel of Uniglobe XXXX Travel will from now on be managed by the colleagues of Uniglobe Axon Travel in Leuven and Hasselt.

The business activities will be transferred as from 01/01/2021


The perfect finale of a close collaboration

Behind the scenes, both companies have been working together for quite some time. A few years ago, they started with a new digital platform where they quickly realized that the synergy between their offices worked perfectly. After extensive consultation and many meetings, they decided to transfer the trading activities.

Picture: Dominique Kenis from XXXX Travel en Tim Reviers from Axon Travel


“This acquisition is fully in line with Axon Travel's growth strategy,” says Tim Reviers, Managing Director of Uniglobe Axon Travel. “Ever since the company was founded in 2002, our ambition has been to become a solid player in the business travel market. Today we have grown into a financially healthy company with 35 employees and branches in Leuven and Hasselt. We take care of business trips, from large and small SMEs to multinationals.”

“Such a takeover may not seem obvious in these times, but based on our many years of working together and our common core values, it is a logical decision. After all, we belong to the same family. We therefore warmly welcome the customers of XXXX Travel!”

Dominique Kenis, Owner of XXXX Travel, is also happy with this decision.

“This feels like the perfect finale to an intense and close collaboration. After 24 fantastic years, I am happy to be able to hand over the customer care of my clients to the enthusiastic Axon Travel team”, says Dominique Kenis, Agency Owner XXXX Travel.


What does this mean for the customers?

Nothing will change for the clients. The Uniglobe Axon and XXXX Travel teams are doing everything to make the transfer as smooth as possible. Clients don’t have to do anything. They will be informed and provided with the necessary guidance throughout the process.

The office in Herentals will close its doors in the new year and new contact details will be provided. Axon Travel provides numerous contact options for all customers. From a visit to the office in Leuven or Hasselt (as soon as it is safe again), to a telephone conversation, e-mail or video call. Customers choose what suits them best.


Do you have any question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


  Jan Moons (AXON Travel)

  Business Travel Advisor 



  Nathalie Schoefs (AXON Travel)

  Business Travel Advisor



  Yvan De Latte (AXON Travel)

  Business Travel Advisor



  Liese Vanormelingen (AXON Travel)

  Business Travel Advisor



  Nancy Husson (AXON Travel)        

  Business Travel Advisor



  Sylvie Aptekers (AXON Travel)         

  Leisure Travel manager



  Dominique Kenis (XXXX Travel)

  Agency Owner



  Tim Reviers (AXON Travel)

  Managing Director